The Basics of Power Sources

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With most alternating current (AC) circuit consisting of a linear load and source, companies need to be sure that these power sources are programmable to optimize them for their specific needs. AC power sources are equipped with a variety of options, so it is important to determine the needs of your company before choosing your power source.

Various Features and Functions

Depending on the types of research being performed by your company, you will need to choose whether to get a multi- or single-channel programmable power source with a constant current mode or a constant voltage mode.

Other functions that can be equipped on your AC power source are adjustable output amplitudes, various output frequencies and phases, as well as output enabled/disabled controls and an open/closed loop control.

This loop control can typically be controlled through an interface with your PC or other work station. Again, most of these features and functions are effective with testing that requires very accurate phase adjustments. Another application where it is useful is in situations that require external feedback for additional voltage and current regulations. These can be adjusted to meet the needs of a specific test or the production of a particular magnetic field.

Specifications for Power Sources

Most of these power sources come with an output frequency of 30 Hz to 20K Hz and an output current range of 0-2 A rms. However, the output power can vary dramatically. Therefore, it is important to estimate the necessary output power for your testing activities to insure that the right AC power source is ordered. These can be adjusted by using an internal output transformer is added to the power unit. Typically, both will be offered by your supplier and can be ordered together to ensure compatibility.


These power sources are available for a variety of settings, including industrial testing, military and other forms of research, or manufacturing applications. Laboratories can also order these power sources for a variety of testing and experimental applications.

Based on your needs, there are a variety of AC power sources available with various frequency ranges. If you need more customization, then it is important to work with your supplier to achieve the right frequencies and ranges necessary to complete your testing.

Amp-Line offers a wide variety of AC power sources, amplifiers, and programmable power sources. In addition, they provide a variety of tools for industrial testing, manufacturing and airplane production.

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