The advantages of propane gas

by | May 5, 2016 | Business

If you haven’t already become a user of propane gas, you might not know why it is so popular. For a start, it’s an approved clean fuel, which makes it environmentally friendly. If you substitute propane for other fuels, you will also find it more economical. Propane is a gas that has a very strong odor, which makes any leakage problems fairly easy to detect. This is important from a health and safety perspective.

Propane is usually produced as a by-product of processing natural gas, and is abundant in the US. Although some propane is produced through crude oil refinement, nearly 70% comes from natural gas liquids. The gas for domestic consumption is all produced in the US, which is again attractive to consumers, as any profits from the sale of propane go towards the local economy. This is probably why propane is used in close on 50 million households and businesses.

Getting your propane at a reasonable price

A delivery of any product is more expensive if the vehicle needs to travel a great distance. Thus, you would obviously want to find a reputable supplier close to your home. If you live in an area like Castle Rock propane delivery is available from a few different companies. When choosing a company, you’ll want to make sure there are no hidden costs over and above the cost per gallon that you’re quoted. You need to ascertain whether delivery is free or whether this will be added to your bill. Also, if there are any issues involved in setting up a new tank to be able to use the propane, you would expect that the delivering company would do this for you free of charge. However, this is always something that you should check in advance.

Safety features

Safety will always be an important consideration with propane, so it will be vital that the business you buy your gas from will be concerned about the condition of your tank. You need to find a company that you trust will look for any problems, and will report these to you immediately. It will also be useful to partner with a company, such as Affordable Fuels, that will be able to give you a quote and conduct repairs on the spot should an issue be detected.

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