Some Thoughts About What Constitutes The Best Foot Massage In SF

To some there is something exotic or even decedent about having your feet massaged whether it is in San Francisco California or anywhere else in the world. Nevertheless, anyone who has travelled through Asia –particularly South East Asia – often comes back praising the benefits of foot massage – or reflexology as it is often called.

Medical Massage And Pressure Points

Unfortunately, in our culture, massage has often been associated with something vaguely dubious even though it has been used as a medical treatment (particularly in China) for over 5000 years. Traditional medical massage is closely linked to a belief in a human life force (qi) or energy flow whereby all parts and functions of our bodies are interrelated. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and martial arts are also based around the theory of qi. While having our feet gently rubbed can be a relaxing experience, it can also provide other benefits under the qi concept.

Reflexology – The Key To The Best Foot Massage In SF

The term reflexology could almost be said to be an American term for ancient eastern techniques. The concepts were introduced to the USA in 1913 (by one W. H. Fitzgerald, M.D.) and enhanced in the 1930s and ‘40s by Eunice D. Ingham. She was a physiotherapist who believed in the beneficial effects available from manipulating a body’s qi. She had found that areas on the foot are linked to other parts of the body, specifically dividing the body into five vertical zones on each side. She mapped these zones to certain points on the feet which she called reflexes. Reflexology is the application of (hand) pressure to these reflex points to effect change in specific parts of the body. Our hands also contain similar pressure points and reflexology techniques can also be used on the hand.

This writer will readily admit to being a firm believer in reflexology. Do I believe in its curative power – of that I am undecided? But, I do know for certain that, for me, an hour or so of foot massage definitely leaves me more relaxed and calm with an improved sense of wellbeing. It may well be that, in this improved state, my body is better equipped to deal with other health concerns?

Why Not Pamper Yourself In Other Ways?

If you decide to try the Best Foot Massage In SF for yourself, obviously you need to go to a facility where the staff are fully trained in recognizing the correct pressure points and applying the correct amount of pressure. However, while you are there, why not indulge in other services such as pedicures and foot soaks or scrubs?

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