Shop Salvage Merchandise in NC for Home Remodeling Projects

by | Jan 6, 2016 | Business

If you are considering remodeling your home, you may be put off by the high price of building materials or replacement features at some of the chain home improvement centers. Kitchen cabinets, flooring and even paint can be expensive, but there are several ways to save on these items. If you do wish to remodel your home, you should consider buying salvage merchandise instead of buying from building materials at retail home improvement centers.

What Is Salvage Merchandise?

When a shipment of merchandise is sent to a store and they decide to reject it for some reason, it can be bought by smaller companies and sold as salvage merchandise. The merchandise may be the wrong color, it may have some damage or it may have been purchased from companies who have closed their doors. The damage is usually only slight or cosmetic, so the products can be used the same as you would merchandise from a retail store.

In general, the merchandise is sold below retail prices and it can include any type of products from building materials to furniture to canned food. While there are wholesalers that will sell all types of salvage goods, many of them tend to specialize in certain types of products, such as building materials. Before you start shopping for items to use for remodeling your home, you should shop for salvage merchandise in NC.

How Much Can You Save?

When you buy something from a wholesaler or liquidation business specializing in salvage products, you can save at least 20 percent off the recommended retail price of the product. However, some wholesalers may offer up to 50 or 60 percent off the retail price depending on the products and the amount they have bought. Most wholesale companies buy merchandise by the pallet or truckload and they usually want to move what they buy quickly in order to make room for more.

While you may just need one item, you can also buy a case or a pallet of products if you so desire. You can find almost anything sold as salvage merchandise, including diapers, toasters, lawn ornaments or more expensive merchandise like televisions or power tools. If there are missing components in the shipment or if the boxes have been damaged, many retail stores will reject the shipment and, if for some reason, the products cannot be returned, the shipments are then sold to a wholesale or liquidation company.

Building materials are popular salvage items, so before you shop at a retail home improvement center for paint, carpet, countertops or supplies, you should locate a local wholesaler and check out what they have in stock. You could save significantly on the same items you would have bought at a home improvement store.

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