Security System Mobile App Integration

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Fire and Security

Does your security system have an app? Does your video system have an app? What about your access control?

One of the benefits that sets Sonitrol apart in the security industry is our ability to integrate intrusion security, video cameras, access control, and fire protection into one cohesive system. Our Sonitrol mobile app is a perfect example of this integration.

With this new, powerful App, Sonitrol now provides users the capability to remotely and securely browse their facilities via easy to use map or text, remote arming and disarming, view and filter historical events, manage system users, cards, codes, and view live video.

Regional managers who operate retail chains will love this App because they can verify the time that each of their locations were armed, as well as check the live video to verify that all new sales displays have been set up properly. The principal of the local elementary school can manage users of their access control system, including creating new system users for new personnel. For these user needs, and so many like them, the Sonitrol Mobile App is an effective, efficient and highly accessible tool for the local business, local school, large regional and national organizations.

With this powerful app, Sonitrol provides users the capability to remotely and securely search for their facilities via map or text, manage system arming status (with IP or cell), view and filter historical events, manage system users, and view live and recorded video (with 3xLogic Appliance).

So, imagine this – you are away from the office. You are looking at a real time view of activity at your office. You use the same tool to change the security access level for a new employee. Then you run a report to see who entered and exited the building in the past week as well as who armed and disarmed your security system.

You do not have to manually update a complex access control system in your office control room. You do not have to go to your physical video recording system in your server room to view footage. You do not have to climb into your car at 10:00pm to return to the work to arm the system.

You can do it all from your phone.

You may be out of the office – but you are never out of touch with Sonitrol!

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