Reasons To Purchase The Mazzer Mini Grinder

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Tools and Equipment

If you’re like many, you already know that grinders are just as important as the brewers or espresso machine. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose one that will suit your needs and fit in the space provided. You will find that the Mazzer Mini Grinder is packed well, using form-fitting Styrofoam braces on the top and bottom. It holds everything wonderfully so that your product gets to you without a scratch or problem.

Design And Materials

You’ll find that once you’ve purchased and received the Mazzer Mini Grinder, it is easy to setup. This machine is a professional beauty. It is made with stainless steel, but you can find it in a few different colors. Most people prefer the silver model, painted silver with a gloss lacquer finish. Polished stainless steel is used throughout the machine. Plus, you can match the grinders with the espresso machines, making for a smooth transition.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a gap, missing detail, mar, or any problems at all because it looks just like what it is: a professional machine.


You can find a variety of choices when it comes to the Mazzer Mini Grinder. For example, you can choose the Type A, Flat Burr, and more. Plus, you can find different colors, such as black and red. They are all electronic, which makes it much easier to grind the coffee beans quickly and efficiently. Each time you use it, you will get the same high-quality results.

It allows for automatic dosing, which means you can program it to grind the perfect dose of grounds for a double or single shot. Then, all you have to do is touch the button corresponding to the grind, and you’ve got what you need.

It’s compact, even though it weighs in at 22 pounds, which means it will fit on the counter next to the espresso machine.

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