Never Heard Of Electronic Cigarettes? Learn About The New, Safer Smoking Alternative

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Business

Electronic Cigarettes and vaping has recently reached a new level of popularity in the US. Despite its many advantages over traditional tobacco smoking, vaping has been relatively unknown for a long time. It has grown slowly but steadily since coming the US market in 2007. If you still have not heard of this new phenomenon, or just don’t know much about it, this article provides answers to some questions you likely have.

What Is An E Cigarette?

An E cigarette is an electric device that heats liquid juice into vapor form, which is then inhaled. The juices come in many flavours and varieties, many containing nicotine. They don’t produce smoke, so they can be used in areas where smoking is prohibited. Many of them closely resemble regular cigarettes, but they come in a variety of forms.

Is Vaping Safer Than Normal Smoking?

Yes, and for several reasons. For one, the nicotine content is much lower in E Cig juice, and it does not contain many of the toxic chemicals that are present in tobacco. Also, the vapor does not cling to lungs like the tar inhaled from tobacco. If you are a smoker who would like to quit, cut back, or at least lessen the harm that tobacco causes, vaping with E Cigs is an excellent option. The act of vaping closely resembles smoking, and inhaling the vapor feels similar to smoke.

Why Don’t Public Health Advocates Support E Cigarettes?

There are a few reasons why the anti smoking crowd and public health officials have not embraced vaping. For one, it is still a nicotine product. Although it is significantly less harmful than tobacco, it is difficult for some people to accept anything short of total abstention form nicotine. Also,

Another barrier to public acceptance is a misinformation campaign against Electronic Cigarettes that has been mounted by the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies sees vaping as a major threat to the cessation patches and other drugs they profit from. They have funded many studies and set up many foundations with the goal of discrediting E cigarettes.

Vaping is still growing in popularity as people discover it to be a healthier, more palatable activity than tobacco smoking. Enthusiasts hope to gain more public acceptance and change the face of nicotine consumption for the better. More information can be found at You can also visit them on Facebook.

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