Motivate Your Employees to Observe Training Requirements

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Business

Many times compliance training is ordered to be held by an outside agency such as OSHA.  That means that all your employees have to attend the training, it is non-negotiable.  Problems arise when people hear that word “compliance.”  It has a tendency to conjure up bad memories of prior training sessions and nobody likes to be told that they have to do something.  So how do you get your employees to want to go?

They will learn they do not Know Everything
If training is presented in such a way that it can teach your employees something new, they will take notice.  Try starting a conversation regarding how to yield when you are at a four-way stop.  Once you hear everybody’s thoughts, turn to a driving manual for the correct answer.  The individuals who find out that they were so sure they were right and they were not may now start to really listen.

Use Real Life Events for Teaching Purposes
Use real life predicaments to present your employees with scenes that could tempt them into crossing a line and seeing the ramifications of their actions without suffering any real consequences.  You might play out scenarios such as a boss hitting on a secretary, a company lying about their skills or executives padding their expense accounts.

There are Multiple Benefits to Online Training
*It is easy to train a large number of people
*No matter where your employees are at geographically, they will all receive the same info at the same time
*You can receive instant testing results
*You can save money in your budget by not having to bring all of your employees together

Interactive Services can help your employees expand their skills and boost their effectiveness.  Be sure to visit their website and check out what they can offer you.

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