Mosquito Control In Indianapolis IN: Benefits of Hiring Professionals

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Pest Control

Mosquitoes infestation in the home is a great threat to the lives of people and especially babies. These insects can cause malaria that is a major cause of numerous deaths among children aged five and below. Though mosquitoes are hard to control completely on your own, there are professional control services you should explore to ensure safety and health of your family.


Besides spreading malaria, mosquitoes can also spread encephalitis–a brain inflammation condition. These insects transmit numerous viral and bacterial infections mostly to the children, elderly as well as people with compromised immune systems. To avoid any of these problems, you need to hire exterminators for Mosquito Control Indianapolis IN to do the following:


Provide effective mosquito traps


Professional exterminators will use electrocuting devices that use ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes. They may also use devices that produce high-frequency sound waves that repel mosquitoes from accessing you or your home area. If you decide to use these devices without the skills of professionals, you may find them ineffective.


Use effective repellents


The professional exterminators you hire understand the best repellents you should use on your clothing and skin. Repellents come in different forms such as the liquids, sprays, sticks, creams and aerosols among others. Repellent products differ in the way work, as some will kill mosquitoes instantly while others will prevent mosquitoes from biting you. According to most professional exterminators, repellents that contain DEET are the most effective to use today.


Eliminate the breeding sites


Although you may think that eliminating these breeding sites is a do-it-yourself task, you will need the advice of professionals to do it right. The Mosquito Control Indianapolis IN exterminators inspects different breeding sites such as the clogged gutters, swimming pools, birdbaths, ditches, swamps and the low-flowing streams among others.


It is crucial to ensure that you always work with exterminators who have adequate experience and competence in pest control programs. Exterminators at AAA Exterminating are highly qualified and knowledgeable in controlling pests of different species, and you can contact them at They use modern and more advanced technology to eradicate pests that are a nuisance in your home.

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