Learning Disability Evaluation: Leaving It To The Professionals

Seeing a bright child struggle in school is very difficult for any parent. Why he, or she, is having such difficulty may not be readily apparent. While you, as a parent, may suspect a learning disorder (LD) what exactly it may be can remain unknown until you have your child undergo a learning disability evaluation. Without this occurring, your child will continue to suffer unnecessarily.

Why Evaluation Is Necessary

While it may be apparent to you or a teacher your child is not performing to his or her intellectual capabilities, it is very important to discover what exactly is wrong. Is it truly an LD or could it be an intellectual developmental disorder? In either instance, you will require professional evaluation to:

* Clarify if the child has an LD

* Discover what type of LD he or she has

* Note the individual characteristics of the manifestation in the child

* Note whether there are any other coexisting disorders e.g. ADHD

* Learn the extent of the problem

A professional assessment and evaluation will prove the specifics. More importantly, it will provide a profile of the LD. This, in turn, will allow the child psychologist, child neuropsychologist, educators and other professionals to implement a program to help your child.

Learning Disability Evaluation: Leave It to the Professionals

No matter how well you know your child, it is not easy to define the problem with exactitude. While you may strongly suspect your child has an LD, you need to be sure. Your suspicions are not enough to ensure they receive the help they require. To accomplish this, you need to rely on the abilities of professionals.

Professionals in the private and public education and health systems are there to diagnose and assess the problem. Through them, your child will receive an accurate learning disability evaluation. This will provide you and your child with a basis for properly addressing and treating the LD in and out of school.

Is your child having trouble in school? Is it affecting his family, social and other aspects of his or her life? Dr. Joshua Shifrin, Ph.D., ABSNP and NCSP, can help. He will provide the most advanced and accurate tests to determine the problem. In addition to a Learning Disability Evaluation, he also offers techniques that will help you improve the situation. To learn more about how they can help your child and your family, visit Neuropsycheval.com. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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