Ideas For Animal Scales For Organizations

by | May 29, 2015 | Business

When most people think of animal scales, they consider the large cattle scales that may be used to weight groups of animals on a platform for rail grade sales or individual animals through a chute system.

However, when it comes to livestock and even other types of large animals for zoos or wildlife parks, there may be the need for a more versatile type of animal scales. Other groups such as 4H or the FFA may need to weigh a variety of different types of livestock from calves to goats, so having the right type of scale is important.

Weight Range

When choosing animal scales for groups with a cross section of different types of animals the actual weight range of the scale will be important. Having a scale offering lower weights, as well as those expected with bulls and mature cows, is critical when you are hosting multiple types of events.

For these types of animal scales accuracy is essential. Always check issues with calibration on the scales when choosing between models, brands, and options.


For most organizations such as FFA, 4H, and even school-based agricultural programs or community groups, having animal scales that are portable and accurate will be essential.

Look for scales designed to be used all types of surfaces, including those which may not be perfectly level. This allows the use of the animal scales on the natural ground using just the animal crate or a set platform. These scales can also be used to run animals through a chute system, and they are very accurate with their weights.

Information Gathering

There are different options in animal scales that allow you to connect a Bluetooth device, which may be iOS or Android, to have access to the data from the scale. This can be very helpful at shows and auctions, plus it is also handy for information gathering for groups.

Also, some of the top companies offering different types of animal scales have the option to integrate seamlessly with your livestock or organizational software. This decreases the need to add information and data manually, cutting down on paperwork and time.

Finding the right animal scales for your organization or facility starts with talking to the top suppliers. By comparing brands and scales, you will find the features you need and to fit the budget the organization has.

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