How to Find the Best Sprinkler System for Your Business

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Fire and Security

Modern fire codes have evolved over a hundred years to ensure the safety of employees in the office or other places of business. This is a result of several deadly fires. Often these were in textile mills due to the powdered cotton dust. As a result, modern fire codes are extremely strict, but they help keep people safe in the workplace. If you are renting an office, then the land lord should make sure the building is up to code before leasing it out. If, on the other hand, you are planning on building a new office, then you will need to decide on a system yourself. If this is the case, making sure you have the safest sprinkler system for your business should be crucial. There are several companies that do fire sprinkler installations in NJ. You can get advice from these companies when you are working with them, but for now here are a couple of things to look for in a sprinkler system.

Type of System

There are several modern types of sprinkler systems, each with its own benefits. You should familiarize yourself with the different systems and determine which is right for you. For example, a pre-action system has a mechanical fail safe on the sprinkler head. In case of a failure this allows water into the system. This keeps it from going off if a seal in a pipe bursts or something similar to allow water into the pipes. This type of system would be ideal for an office with several workstations and possibly even servers to prevent accidental damage to your company’s computers.

Fire Regulations

This is going to be your most important factor when determining a sprinkler system. You must make sure the system you choose is compliant with the most recent fire codes. This means you may need to spend a little more to be compliant with the most recent changes, but it also means you will have an up to date, modern system. This is one area you should not try to cut corners. Visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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