How Can Businesses Remove Online Complaints from Consumer Complaint Websites?

by | May 18, 2017 | Advertising Agencies

With the Internet being a go-to source for information about anything nowadays, all it takes is one disgruntled customer to write a harsh online review about a product or service to create an overnight PR crisis for a business. These angry customers usually go to well-known consumer complaint websites like and Complaint websites make it their duty to inform the public about scams, misleading products and services, and dirty business practices.

Though the works of these sites are admirable, the consequences of bad reviews experienced by businesses complained about on these sites have been hotly debated. Most consumer complaint sites let users submit unverified reviews about their alleged bad experiences with a business anonymously. These sites also rarely check the authenticity of consumer claims and do not moderate user-generated content, so these consumer claims are often untrue or exaggerated. False or embellished consumer complaints about terrible experiences with a business can really mar the reputation of that business, scaring off prospective customers seeking its products or services online.

How to Remove Online Complaints

There are actions that can be taken to mitigate the effects of negative reviews on consumer complaint websites. Content removal experts are skilled in the following methods to remove online complaints.

Delete Consumer Complaints

The most effective and ideal method is to delete complaint site web pages. The actual pages on which the complaints appear can be deleted directly from the website. 

With this method, negative reviews can be removed from consumer complaint websites like,

Deindex Complaint Site Pages from Search Engines

If the website administrators of these complaint sites do not respond to requests to remove unfavorable business reviews from their sites, the alternative option is to request for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to remove these complaint pages from their indexes. Page removal from indexes is known as deindexing and ensures that those removed pages no longer appear in search engine results.

There are fast solutions to deindex pages of several complaint websites including

Bury Online Complaints Through Suppression

If neither page removal nor deindexing is possible, a complaint page can be buried in search engine results so that it’s less visible to web surfers. This burying, or suppression, is carried out through Reverse SEO, a process in which other web pages are ranked above pages with bad business reviews. This method ultimately pushes negative consumer review pages further back to at least page 3 in search engine results pages (SERPs). Online viewers hardly go past page 2 of search engine results, so suppression is a useful tactic to tuck away damaging consumer complaints and prevent them from being seen by potential customers online.

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