How Aluminum Rectangular Tubing is Used and Made

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In this day and age, people have become accustomed to seeing aluminum in many different shapes and sizes. In fact, we have become so used to seeing aluminum, that we barely even notice it anymore. One popular rectangular form that is easy to overlook is the rectangular tube. Part of the reason for this is that it’s often used in structural elements that are hidden from view, but another reason is because it just blends well into other design elements. There are a couple of alloys traditionally used to create these aluminum shapes, and the extrusion process is usually the creation process used.

What Can You Build from Rectangular Tubing?
The rectangular shape of some aluminum tubing makes it easy to incorporate into both structural and design elements. It’s stable and strong enough for frame work, fencing, gates, railings, support columns and protective barriers. It’s also attractive enough to be used for architectural elements like trim pieces and door and window frames. Since the tubing is seamless, it can also be used for air vents or gutter downspouts.

What is Rectangular Tubing Made From?
Aluminum rectangular tubing is generally made from one of two aluminum alloys—6061 aluminum or 6063 aluminum. Both varieties offer superior corrosion resistance, but 6061 is more easily welded and 6063 is softer and easier to form. Both materials are formable enough to be used in the aluminum extrusion process.

How is Aluminum Rectangular Tubing Made?
Rectangular aluminum tubing is usually an extruded aluminum product. Aluminum extrusion takes place when a lump of aluminum referred to as a billet is heated and put under pressure in an enclosed chamber. The only opening through which the aluminum can escape contains a die shaped like the desired form, in this case a rectangle. The aluminum emerges in a continuous run that is shaped like the die.

With the rectangular die, you can make a rectangular tube, and the only limit to its length is the amount of raw material you have and the amount of space you have to cool the finished product. After the piece is extruded, it can be anodized, powder-coated, or dipped, assuming that you don’t want to keep the standard milled finish.

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