Have You Tried Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Lately?

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Food & Related Products

More and more people are becoming aware of how simple little choices in life can have a big impact on the world around use. Learning about new products, such as organic coconut palm sugar, can help use to make informed choices about what and how we want to buy.

These decisions, including the choice to switch from refined white sugar to organic palm sugar can have very far reaching consequences. Not only can we help to improve our quality of life but we may actually help to save the environment in places very distant from where we are making are sweetener choice decision.

What is Organic Palm Sugar?

Organic palm sugar, which may also be labeled as organic coconut palm sugar, is produced by the coconut palm tree. In South-East and Southern Asia, the sap from the coconut palm tree has been collected for centuries and then dried, creating small, fine crystals which are a light brown to tan or caramel color.

This is all the processing with organic palm sugar. It is not refined and not altered from its natural state. This Non-GMO coconut sugar has a flavor similar to very light brown sugar. Some people taste a hint of molasses or a slight note of caramel in the sugar which makes it a wonderful option for sprinkling on fruit or adding to your favorite tea or coffee.

The Advantages

Besides being free from chemical residue, organic coconut palm sugar is also one of the most sustainable sugars in the world today. This is confirmed by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization in multiple studies. The coconut palm tree is actually used to reclaim land and, with their ability to thrive in even the most driest conditions, they can grow virtually anywhere the climate is right.

In addition, each acre of coconut palm trees produces over four times as much sugar as sugar canes. The trees use much less water and fewer nutrients, meaning they are much more sustainable and a better option for organic growing methods.

Adding Non-GMO coconut sugar to your online shopping list is a great way to get something sweet and also do something wonderful for the world around you. Once you try this sugar, you won’t go back to white sugar, it is simply a taste you will want to experience again and again.

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