Gopher Electronics: Your One-Stop Shop for Honeywell Micro Switches

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Business

A micro switch, also commonly referred to as a ‘miniature snap action switch’, is a type of contact switch used in automotive, industrial, and medical instruments as a sensor. The term ‘micro’ comes from the name of the company who first started manufacturing it commercially, and nothing to do with the size or scope of the switch. There are many brands available, though, the most popular is the Honeywell Micro Switch.

The actuator of these switches usually has a hinged wheel placed just above a push button. This switch is widely used when controlling system applications, such as elevator safety switches, door interlock, vending machines, and more. Having a diverse range of engineering applications, Honeywell Micro Switches are available in various configurations, materials, styles, and ranges. A conventional micro switch is a blunt-edged rectangular object which has three output contact strips that serve to denote ground, open, and closed states. Two, diagonal holes are dug in to provide convenient mounting of the switch on the surface. Similarly, holes at the terminals of the output strips enable easy soldering with the wires. The housing materials can be made of polyester or phenolic plastic products.

The Honeywell Micro Switches are simple and durable, and made in a superior manner to other brands. This is why they have a worldwide reputation for being compact and lightweight. The snap-action switches are designed for accurate repeatability and extended life. The basic switches are designed for presence and absence detection when it comes to physical contact. Furthermore, the Honeywell Micro Switches have proven to excel in applications which require simple ‘on’ and ‘off’ functions.

While the Honeywell is the best micro switch on the market, where is the best place to buy them? This is something that takes a bit of research, as there are plenty of companies that offer Honeywell products. On the other hand, there are some companies which are better than others. Expertise, reputation, varied line of products, and experience are all important aspects of any electronic company. Gopher Electronics has been considered the ‘go-to’ company for electronics needs, as it is the very embodiment of all of these features.

Gopher Electronics is a regional, industrial distributor of electronic components, and are most widely known for their stock of Honeywell Micro Switches. The company is a franchised distributor for roughly 60 world-class manufactures of electro-mechanical components. They focus on ensuring only the best customer service and in maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. This is carried out by providing flawless service and defect-free products on time, every time. Gopher Electronics provides incomparable value through innovative Integrated Supply and Lean Manufacturing supply programs.

In addition to selling Honeywell Micro Switches, Gopher Electronics offers a wide array of product types including, but not limited to: cable and wire, circuit breakers, circuit protection, connectors, cords, fans and blowers, fuses, heat shrink, LEDs, lamps, potentiometers, power supplies, relays, sensors, switches, transformers, and terminal blocks.

When it comes to electronics and the best place to find affordable, flawless Honeywell Micro Switches, Gopher Electronics is second to none.

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