Ensure Your Car or Truck Stops Reliably With Quality Brakes in Tulsa

While all the components on your vehicle are important, you can’t reliably drive your car or truck without the ability to stop. This is where quality Brakes Tulsa come into the picture. Automotive brakes work by using hydraulic pressure and friction. That is, when you press the brake pedal a pump in the master cylinder pushes brake fluid to each wheel. That fluid supplies pressure to either a set of brake shoes or brake pads. The type of brake in use will depend on the make of the car and sometimes, which axle the brake is on.

Early model cars used brake shoes. These are a curved, metal bracket with a heat resistant fiber. A pair of them are held in place by a series of pins and springs. Early versions required occasional adjustment to allow for wear while later models came with self adjusting features. The latter worked when the brakes were applied as the vehicle was backing up. Disc brakes were introduced in the nineteen seventies as an improved method for stopping cars. Disc brakes were usually used on only the front wheels because they require most of the stopping action. Visit website for more details.

Further enhancements in brake technology includes changing the rear shoes to discs and the inclusion of ABS (Antilock Brake Systems). Unfortunately, this also makes brakes more difficult to work on. ABS uses a variety of sensors to determine if the wheels are rolling and can release the brakes temporarily to reduce skidding. Decisions are made by a small computer based on this input. The result is better control over the vehicle in bad driving conditions such as wet roads or ice. However, it makes things difficult for the person who likes to repair the brakes on their own.

Automotive breaks often have indicators that things are going wrong. Some problems are obvious like the sound of grinding metal when brakes are worn down. This particular indicator means that you need to have the brakes replaced as quickly as possible to avoid the chance of collision. Another indicator could be a soft pedal or one that goes all the way to the floor. This could mean a failed seal somewhere in the brake system and needs to be dealt with immediately. If your vehicle is in need of Brakes Tulsa, then it is time to visit Tate Boys Tire & Service.

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