Eliminate Ugly Air Ducts With High Velocity Duct Systems

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Heating and Cooling

There are many ways to heat and cool your home and these air treatment systems are always improving. One of these advances is something known as High Velocity Duct Systems. These are primarily air conditioning systems, but there are some that have been adapted to transfer heat as well. The typical HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit uses large air ducts that are typically run in the attic or basement. These can be rather ugly and after a while are prone to leak the treated air. Leaking air ducts are one of the largest inefficiencies with modern HVAC systems.

High Velocity Duct Systems work by using small air ducts, usually two inches in diameter, to carry the treated air. These ducts are flexible for easier installation and to reduce the number of joints. This improves airflow and reduces the chance of lost air due to leaks from poor tape seals, rivets or other joining methods. Because of the small pipe size, this system is easily adaptable to any type of architecture. For instance, you could easily install a high velocity AC in a historical home without damaging its unique look. Likewise, you could place this system in a renovation or re-purposing project. In fact, a high velocity cooling system would be the perfect option for cooling a garage apartment or barn conversion.

One of the major concerns that most people have with high velocity systems is noise control. There is an unfounded fear that moving the treated air too quickly will be loud. However, the system is designed so that the airflow is buffered. One of the steps in noise control is selecting the right tubing for the air ducts. Another concern people have is dirt in the system. High velocity air conditioners are designed so that very little dust gets past the air filters. All that is usually required is the annual cleaning service, which should be provided by the installer, and routine filter changes. Perhaps one of the best benefits to this system is higher efficiency. A high velocity system can move cool air into your home very quickly which could lower your utility costs. If you are interested in a high velocity AC, be sure to contact Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.



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