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by | Mar 21, 2017 | Business

Audio is an important part of a video production. There is a lot of work put into the audio of high quality videos. Amateurs are likely to overlook this, and it is obvious if care is not taken. Audio processing can improve your video in a number of ways. Sound design services can help you add sound effects and voiceovers, as well as remove sound artifacts. This provides a cleaner finished product.

Sounds Effects and Voiceovers

Sound effects and voiceovers are audio elements that are added. Sound effects can bring more dimensions to your video. Most sounds heard in videos are added in sound editing, because they are just not picked up clearly by microphones during shooting. For example, the raw audio may not have those footsteps as clear and loud as you want in the final product. Sound might also not cooperate during shooting, so adding in thunder after the fact is something you can look into. Door squeaks, pots clanging, and even silverware scrapping on plates are all elements that are usually added with sound editing. Another common audio piece added are voiceovers. Voiceovers let you add a narrative to your video, which is a common method of storytelling. It can also provide the feeling of internal dialogue, adding breadth to your characters.

Sound artifact removal

Like raw video, raw sound is going to be rough. There can be little sounds that distract from the desired effect. Popping in dialogue happens regularly, and makes the audio feel messy. Light hums that are emitted from lights will be removed, as well as any other electrical feedback. A random cough from a crew member can be picked up during filming, and removing it with sound editing can save the clip. Software is used by a sound engineer to polish off the raw sound files, giving your final product a crisp, clear, and professional finish.

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