Diesel vs. Natural Gas Generators: Advantages and Disadvantages

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Business

An efficient and widely used way to generate power is with a natural gas Mighty Quip generator. Natural gas may be utilized to power both portable and emergency generators and is held as being amongst the most effective and affordable fuels among non-renewable power generation resources. As far as affordability is concerned, coal is maybe the only fuel which is cheap. But, one of the main downsides of coal is that it’s an extreme pollutant.


The most obvious benefits of utilizing natural gas as a fuel in order to power generators is that it’s cheaper than additional non-renewable fuels, cleaner, and is substantially efficient.


As it’ll come to the natural gas generator cons, one of its benefits also can be regarded as a downside. As natural gas need not necessarily be stored because it’s supplied via gas pipelines, during times of natural calamities the natural gas supply is disrupted. You might discover yourself faced with a lack of fuel as you must run the generator the most.

Diesel Generator

Generators which utilize diesel to operate are referred to as diesel generators. Typically, these may be separated into these basic parts: diesel engines and electrical generators. Diesel generators may be utilized to offer power to places which aren’t powered by power grids or as backups in the instance of power outages. Also, diesel generators are utilized in ships as an energy resource and for propulsion.


During present times, as it’ll come to making choices in regard to fuel, the most vital factor is cost. With the consistently rising demand and steadily reduction in supply, fuel option has become the most controversial subject in nearly all spheres. The key includes finding a fuel which is cost effective and energy efficient. In this case, diesel generators are rated highly.


One marked downside of diesel generators is that they may be substantially expensive compared to additional generators. But, as the maintenance expense of a diesel generator is fairly low, it’ll more than make up for its initial investment.

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