Choosing the Right Magnetic Stripe Cards

by | May 29, 2015 | Business

Whatever the application you are using your magnetic stripe cards for, choosing the right card can make all the difference. If you do need a magnetic stripe on your card first you need to know the importance of that stripe and how not having the quality cards you need can cause many headaches for you. Here are a few reasons for the importance of that stripe on your card.

Why You Need Magnetic Stripe Cards

With all the options on ID cards today, the most important part of your ID card is the magnetic stripe located on the back of the card. That part of the card is the very most important part of the card. This little stripe contains valuable information to your identity. This stripe can also be protected through a stripe encoder. These stripes are very vital to your security because they hold private information about the cardholder.

Before Magnetic Stripe Cards

Before magnetic stripe PVC cards, regular ID cards were very easy to tamper with and nobody could tell if a card was tampered with or even if it was a fake card altogether. This was one of the biggest security problems with these cards. What good is a security card if they could be tampered with or even reproduced by an individual who wanted to gain access to secure areas?

New Magnetic Stripe Cards

With the introduction of magnetic stripes on cards security of the card and cardholder information has increased dramatically over the years. Most every secure card that you own has a magnetic stripe on it. If you look at your driver’s license, bank cards, credit cards, they all have magnetic stripes. That’s because all of your important information can be hidden on this strip and no one can see this information without the proper card reader.

How to Get Magnetic Stripe Cards

If you are looking to make or purchase these high security cards, you first need to know how to either create them yourself or buy them from a manufacturer of these cards. The machine that does this is an encoder. First you need to get blank PVC cards with magstripes and run them through the encoder. This machine writes encrypted information on your cards. It is then pressed and heated to attach it to the card.

Whether you are in the market for a machine to do this or to purchase the cards themselves, contact Badge Express for all your needs. They can help you decide the choice that’s best for you.

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