Choosing the Best Commercial Vehicle Camera System

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Business

Many companies in New Jersey are investing in commercial vehicle camera systems. Commercial vehicle camera systems can be used in conjunction with GPS tracking to monitor fleet and driver behavior. However, commercial vehicle camera systems offer additional benefits including real time recordings of incidents. Video recordings of accidents, vandalism, or theft will be instrumental if you want to resolve issues quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Although they seem invasive at first, the on board commercial vehicle camera systems are not designed to invade the privacy of your drivers. In fact, most commercial vehicle drivers in New Jersey feel safer with the cameras because otherwise, it is their word against someone else’s when an accident or mishap occurs. Likewise, the vehicle cameras provide an additional level of personal safety for drivers who are being hassled. Dashcams also help drivers who need help. With a dashcam, drivers can reroute themselves easily if they are getting lost or are experiencing bad weather conditions.

From your business’s point of view, commercial vehicle camera systems also alert you to employee misconduct and fraud. Bad driving is not only unsafe for everyone else on the road, it can also lead to product and revenue losses, diminished reputation, and lawsuits. Likewise, commercial vehicle camera systems help prevent your drivers from making false claims and allegations.

To choose the best commercial vehicle camera system for your needs, call a specialist like On Trak. The types of commercial vehicle camera systems available in New Jersey include dashcams and in-vehicle video cameras. All types of commercial vehicle camera systems can be fully integrated with GPS, and linked up with the software you use to monitor the fleet from your office. Alternatively, you can hire a third party service for monitoring.

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