Businesses that Don’t Need Private Security

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Business

A lot of businesses need a private security force, more than one would think. It’s just that with some, the security isn’t out in the open, and with others, they need to be out in the open. But nevertheless, the security is there and always watching. But what about the businesses that don’t typically need armed guards watching every inch for trouble? If you are browsing executive protection companies in New York, here are the businesses that, if they describe you, don’t need private security.

Smaller Businesses in Malls

A mall already has its own private security force keeping an eye on things. Having one for every specific store would be overdoing things. If you own a business that operates out of a mall, then security forces are already on hand and keeping an eye on the entire store, and ready to call the authorities at any given time. So even if you run a high end jewelry shop, there’s no need for guards standing at the ready, when those guards are already watching.


Hospitals have enough money they need to spend on their own, so hiring private security to watch over things would be unnecessarily expensive. On top of that, unless they’re a prison hospital, security guards won’t actually do anything while they’re posted there. And when there is someone potentially dangerous in a hospital, a police officer is more often than not already there keeping an eye on them. Security guards in a hospital just don’t make a lot of sense.

Retail Stores

The security these stores employ is different from private security. In this instance, private security refers to security hired from a larger security company, who come in and provide the security. But big retail chains already have security guards as a requirement for hiring. And it’s usually just one or two people because that’s generally all that’s needed. Someone who will keep an eye on things and call the police if need be. So if you’re a manager of a retail store you should already have this sorted out.

There are many other types of stores out there that don’t require private security, but these three are the biggest. On occasion, yes, there will be one of these that breaks the trend for various reasons, but in general these businesses don’t require armed personnel watching for trouble. So if you own one of these businesses, you can breathe a sigh of relief that no, you do not need armed guards at the door to keep your inventory safe. You just need a robust security system.

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