An Effective Solution is Available to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping Your Yard

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Business

Dogs can be a bit sneaky when they know they are not supposed to be doing something. They have an inherited love for digging and love to venture around when outdoors. From investigating a strange smell to chasing a neighbor’s cat, when a dog is outside their instincts take over to run and play. Even if you have trained your dog to listen to certain commands when their instincts kick in, they can be a handful to control. The last thing you want to worry about is when you let your pet outside, they will take off to never be seen again. An outdoor fence solution for a dog is available to help prevent your pet from leaving your property and ease your mind to know they are safe.

How Radio Frequency Fencing Works

When you select an Invisible Fence® Brand solution to keep your dog from exiting your property, you provide an effective way for them to know their boundaries. An outdoor fence solution for dogs does not require an actual fence to be built, instead cables are buried in the ground that travels around your property. They emit a digital radio frequency that will connect with the dog’s collar when it gets too close to the property line. At first, they will receive a tone that warns your dog they are approaching the border and a gentle static pulse that tells your pet they have touched their limit and should retreat into your yard.

Safe and Effective Way to Control Your Dog

If you are tired of chasing your dog when it escapes your yard, or you do not want to worry about your pet when it is outside, Invisible Fence® Brand offers the solution that you are looking for to keep them safe. You can control how far your pet can go on your property and prevent them from leaving your yard with their cutting-edge equipment and technology.

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