Access Control Solutions with HID Proximity Cards

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Business

Security is becoming a top concern in the world today. Regardless of the type of protective measures taken, hackers and other criminals are figuring out ways around security systems and gaining access to restricted areas. This happens in the cyber world, in medical facilities and other high security areas across many industries. The development of the HID proximity card is offered as a more secure way to verify identity and other relevant information. Loaded with benefits and features, this innovative technology shows promise in bringing more advanced security to keep all unauthorized persons out of a system or location.

Convenient Access Control

The issuances of HID proximity cards provide all members within an educational system, corporation or research facility with a unique coded number that securely confirms the identity of the holder through an electronic reader system. Versions of the cards are available with a magnetic reader strip, but the most recent innovations do not need to be scanned. The associated card reader can detect these contact-less cards without the need for swiping or scanning them. They are safe from data theft as the cards can only be read by the designated system and are not easily compromised.

Applications for Use

Schools and corporations can use the HID proximity cards as photo ID cards to determine more easily who belongs on the campus or grounds. They may also be used for admission to special events. For areas which require heightened security, these smart cards may be programmed with limited access codes. They also work well for retailers who wish to provide their customers with loyalty cards that will grant them access to special discounts or other amenities.

Special Features of HID Proximity Cards

These multi-purpose cards are capable of storing several applications within a single credential. Special encryption keys within the mutual authentication process protect the stored data so there is no unauthorized sharing of the information until the smart card reader performs its function. When security is an issue, the anti-counterfeiting security measures ensure that authentic cards are easily identified from fakes.

HID proximity cards are useful for a variety of purposes when security or positive identification measures are required. From retailers to facilities which require heightened security access systems, these smart cards are affordable and reliable solutions.

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