3 Tips for Finding the Best Frames at Optical Stores in NYC

New York is full of optical stores, and the options they offer can be overwhelming. You want to find the frames that are a perfect match for you. You want something stylish and perhaps even practical. Here are a few tips to help find what you are looking for.

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Stores

Optical Stores in NYC come in many different forms, but not all the stores are equal. Many that line the streets of New York do not provide a very personalized shopping experience. These lenses and frames are meant to fit whoever walks through the doors, with no petite or plus size options, leaving people with frames that are not a perfect fit. Along with frames not being perfectly fitted, the technology used could leave prescriptions not being filled to the fullest quality.

Consider the Style

Frames should fit one’s personality, making style an important factor in finding the best frames. The classic black-rimmed frames can always be a good route, but that is not the only option available. A modern style set is another option, with brands now offering frames that are made in such a way they have no screws on the hinges. Lastly, there are vintage frames, which are making a comeback as more people try to channel the classic styles of people like Audrey Hepburn or Peter Sellers.

Go For Quality

Buying frames is like making an investment, so make sure to go for the quality frames. Charlotte Jones Opticians, one of the Optical Stores in NYC, only offers frames from the best brands in the field. These brands make use of the best materials they can get, including natural materials such as wood. Many of the brands offered by Charlotte Jones are also made by hand with care and using advanced technology to ensure the highest quality.

Finding the perfect pair of frames in New York City is not as simple as walking into the nearest optical store and picking a pair. Cookie-cutter optical stores should be avoided. The desired style should be taken into consideration, as should the quality of the frames, with shoppers going for the best possible. Keeping these tips in mind should make finding the best frames a much easier task. For any further questions, talk to a qualified optician.

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