3 Signs Your Car Batteries Are In Trouble

by | May 25, 2016 | Business

For most people, car trouble means peering into the mysterious parts of the car. If you don’t know a thing about engines or batteries, though, every little problem can seem a major one. Here are a few signs to let you know if you’re dealing with problematic car batteries or not:


First off, consider the age of your batteries. How long have you had them? If your car runs on three or four year old batteries, then it’s about time you bought new ones. This could be reason your car is always dying on you on your way to work. If you don’t want to find yourself stranded in the middle of a deserted road at night next time, make sure you put in new batteries before you take your car out for another drive.

Lack of use

If you haven’t been using your car for some time now or if you’ve been using it for only short trips—a drive to the grocery at the street corner—then that lack of use is having a negative effect on your car batteries. Go for a road trip with friends. Have them pay for the gas and do the driving yourself. That or just take it out on a long leisure drive. This should keep your battery in excellent shape, enough so you won’t have to spring for a new one any time soon.


See corrosions on your batteries or stains? Those are signs that you’ve got a leak, says How Stuff Works. Leaks mean you’ll have to spring for replacements soon. Don’t put it off, though. As soon as you see those signs, get replacements and install those batteries right away. If you don’t, this might compromise other system functions. You might end up with extensive damage that comes with hefty repair costs. For more information please visit Motor City Battery Company. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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