What To Look For in Stainless Steel Bolts

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Business

While working on any kind of home improvement project, the stainless steel bolts NY you choose to use is going to be of utmost importance. The following are some of the things that one should keep in mind while working on a project that requires the use of stainless steel bolts NY.

Water Proof

If you think that the bolts you will use will frequently come in contact with water then going with stainless steel bolts will be your best bet. That’s because the material used is able to resist corrosion, which is also one of the reasons why you will often find stainless steel bolts NY on boats and other marine items.

Whether these bolts come in contact with chlorine water or salt water the stainless steel material which is used while manufacturing them will definitely hold up to the most harshest conditions. That being said, stainless steel bolts NY have to go through a process called passivation in order to become corrosion proof. So, it is advised that you make sure if the stainless steel bolts NY you buy have gone through the same process.


While all stainless steel bolts NY will not attract magnets, some will. If you want the bolts you use to last then the types to choose from are duplex, martensitic, ferritic, and precipitation hardened. Austenitic stainless steel bolts are non magnetic and are the most common type of bolts sold, so it shouldn’t be too difficult finding them.

Temperature Resistance

It is no secret that different grades of stainless steel bolts hold up well in different environments and temperatures. So, it pays off to know how well the grade you are considering will fare in a particular temperature. For instance, stainless steel with a grade of 304 will not be able to withstand continuous heat of up to 925 degrees C, while stainless steel bolts NY with a grade of 310 can work in temperatures of 1,150 degrees C. Needless to say, using stainless steel bolts in temperatures above the recommended grade will only cause the bolts to deteriorate before time.

Bolt Strength

And finally, the strength of stainless steel bolts NY. Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel bolts are not stronger than other kinds of bolts. This also goes for aluminium bolts as well. But, people do prefer stainless steel bolts because of their resistance to heat and water. However, some stainless steel bolts NY are just stronger than others, which is why buying your stainless steel bolts from trusted sites such as Ekfastener.com will make sure that you always get the best in quality when it comes to durable and long lasting stainless steel bolts NY.

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