Ways Routine Maintenance can help in Avoiding Costly Air Conditioning Repairs in Manassas VA

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

To make sure the air conditioning system in a home is in good working order before the summer season begins, it can be important to have the unit serviced. Most companies that provide air conditioning repair in Manassas VA also will be able to perform this type of routine maintenance on a unit. Having this type of maintenance done on a home’s unit can help in making sure the unit operates efficiently and effectively throughout the entire summer.

Most technicians who handle this type of service will begin their work by inspecting the thermostat on the system. The thermostat controls when the unit goes on and off. Making sure the unit is working correctly and calibrated to record the correct temperature can play an important role in how well the unit operates during the summer season.

The blower on the system will also need attention. This unit can become very dirty. A technician who handles the air conditioning repair in Manassas VA will need to spend time vacuuming the dirt from the unit. The air filter will also need to be checked. Making sure the system has a clean air filter is important in ensuring cool air can make it into the home. If the filter is too dirty to allow light to pass through it, air will not be able to move through it, and it should be replaced.

Attached to the blower is a motor. The motor is used to power the fan that blows cool air into the home. The motor needs to be checked to ensure it does not have any damage or show signs of burning. The wires and connections should also be checked as well. If the motor has oil ports, it will need to be oiled to keep it from burning out.

The fan and fan belt will need to be inspected for signs of damage. If any cracking or fraying is present, these units should be replaced.

The outside unit that houses the condenser and compressor should be cleaned of large debris. The coils and fins inside the unit will also need to be cleaned to ensure air can flow thorough the unit properly.

Keeping your home’s air conditioning system well maintained can be the best way to avoid having to deal with costly breakdowns. For more information, please visit website of Woody’s Sudden Service.

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