The Importance of Well-Designed Business Folders

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Business

Commercial printers can provide your company with the business folders you require. Most companies use some form of business folders for presentations as well as for staff welcome packages. It is important that you come up with a design that will work well to contain the information you are offering as well as look professional to represent your business well.

Purpose of Folder

First you should consider what the purpose of your folder will be whether it is for clients, internal use or both. In both cases you know that you want to use the folder to present information. Many businesses have a welcome package they offer to new employees that may contain a book regarding their benefits, information about important company policies and sometimes there may even be a DVD containing instructions or a welcome message. As well there may be papers to sign and be returned to personnel. With clients you may have similar paper work such as a contract, a booklet or brochure with information about your services or a DVD with a demo of your products. All of these items can be easily accommodated in a well made business folder and what will be contained in the folder will dictate the design requirements.

Branding and Information

Some smaller businesses opt to get a neutral business folder that they can use for a number of purposes as well as to save them money. However your logo will help offer a more polished and professional look as opposed to a folder that clearly took no effort to produce. You want to look like you have the resources to provide excellent products and services or in the case of a welcome package for new employees that you can afford to pay their salary. At the least you want to have your logo and tag line on the front of your presentation folder and commercial printers can offer ideas of how to do this as economically as possible.

Often you will not spend that much more by adding an image or design flourish especially if your logo is full color. Speak to your commercial printers to get some quotes so you don’t miss out on having the best possible design just because you assumed you could not afford it. The better the design the more impressive and professional your folders will look and the more confident you will feel when presenting it to clients or new team members.
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