Should You Buy Powered Monitor Speakers?

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Business

Many people today have the need for sound systems and not just in a professional capacity. For example, you may give lectures or have the need to speak to many people at one time. In addition, you also may be thinking of having an outdoor event, with the need for both voice and music broadcasting. Here are some good reasons to consider powered monitor speakers for your needs.

What is a Monitor Speaker?

Often referred to as studio monitors, a monitor speaker is a type of loud speaker, but today’s models are much more than just something to broadcast your voice over a long distance. Some modern monitors are made to create perfect sound in the recording studio. This lets you know exactly what a finished recording will sound like. Accurate sound reproduction is very important for recording professionals.

A powered speaker has its own built-in amplification system. In many cases, there is no need for external amplification, but this will depend on the size and capacity of the speakers and system.


Monitor speakers can have many uses today and are perfect for teaching professionals with a lot of presentations. In fact, if you give frequent lectures to students you may wish to purchase a special presentation package which comes with self powered speakers, speaker stands, and companion speakers.

Maybe you attend trade shows several times a year. You may wish to invest in monitor speakers to help you with your presentations. Quality powered speakers come with input jacks. This allows you to plug in a DVD player or a projector when needed. Just about any external sound source can be utilized, including smart phones and tablet computers.

Stage Monitors

Self Powered stage monitors are extremely handy tools. They are larger than portable units and deliver very high quality sound. Some are designed to handle as many as 500 people while others are capable of delivering good sound to thousands of audience members, and when combined, they can take care of many professional performer’s needs.

Why Buy Self Powered Monitor Speakers?

Quality self powered monitor speakers often eliminate the need for a great deal of amplification equipment. Also, because they are more robust than standard speakers, you will get much better sound, and they may be perfect for home parties and gatherings. Maybe you have your own sound mixing equipment at home. You should consider a good set of self powered speakers to help you produce the highest quality recordings possible. Also, online sound system providers offer some of the lowest available prices, because they have much less overhead than local shops.

If you want a good online source for powered monitor speakers, come to Anchor Audio. We have a large selection in which to choose and our prices are among the lowest you can find.

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