Reviewing Your Accident With A Trucking Accident Attorney In Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania requires drivers to purchase and maintain personal injury protection insurance. This coverage offers funds to cover the cost of medical expenses and property damage. The value of the coverage depends on the policy in which the driver purchases. However, when a commercial vehicle was involved, the owner of the vehicle could be held accountable.

Reviewing Trucking Accidents

Although Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, trucking accidents are investigated thoroughly. These investigations are conducted to determine if the driver committed a crime. According to regulations, all drivers of commercial trucks must undergo a drug and alcohol screening after the accident. This is to rule out a potential DUI as the cause. Additionally, the driver’s log books are checked to ensure that he or she is compliant with restrictions applied to hours in which they are allowed to drive. Anyone injured in a trucking accident should contact a Truck Accident Attorney Pittsburgh today.

Commercially or Privately Owned Vehicles

When a victim files a claim, they must determine if a trucking company or individual owns the vehicle involved in the accident. The reason for this is that drivers who are working for a company are represented by the company’s insurance company. They secure legal representation for the driver. If the driver owns their own truck, it’s less likely that their insurer will provide an attorney if a claim is filed. Attorneys hired by an insurance company makes it their mission to avoid an award.

A Review of the Victim’s Injuries

In a no-fault state, the victim’s injuries must be extensive. They must equate to more than $2,000 in medical expenses initially. However, qualifying injuries include disfigurement, loss of limb, and broken bones. If a fatality occurred during the accident or as a result of the accident, the victim’s family may file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Trucking accidents result is severe injuries in most cases. These accidents present a higher than average fatality rate statistically. The reason for this is the inability to slow down or stop the truck in time to prevent a collision. To learn more about these accidents, contact a Truck Accident Attorney Pittsburgh at Alpern Schupert P.C today.

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