Popular Outdoor Lighting Choices, Purchase in Chicago

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Shopping

Many people in the Chicago area want to spruce up their outdoor living area. One of the best ways to do this is to install outdoor lighting. Here are some of the most popular options:


Floodlights are perfect for illuminating larger areas, such as a driveway, steps, paths, or outdoor seating areas.

Security Lights

You should consider security lights if you want to deter theft or burglary. These lights can be strategically placed, and they can even be set to go off with motion. This way, you aren’t using the energy to keep them lit throughout the night, but they come on when they need to.

Accent Lights

If you are interested in adding a bit of pizazz to your outdoor living area or even your garden, you should consider accent lighting. Many people use accent lighting to highlight specific areas of the outdoors. For instance, you often see accent lighting around sculptures, highlighting fountains, or even focused on a prized plant in the garden.

Solar Lights

For those of you who want to introduce some efficiency into your outdoor living area, solar lighting is the way to go. Estimates show that these lights can save you up to 80 percent off of your energy bills when compared to regular lighting for the outdoors. Most solar lights produce a warm, soft glow, perfect for summer evenings.

Task Lighting

Finally, you might want to think about task lighting if you want to put a focus on a particular area of the outdoor living space. Task lighting gives more light than accent lights, so you often can see task lighting around sheds, porches, garages, or outdoor eating areas. Basically, you should install task lighting in areas where you might need a full line of vision or in areas where you might sit for an extended period of time.

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