5 Tips to Customizing a Bottle of Whiskey

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Business

Always had a taste for whiskey? Take a look at some handy tips if you want to try your hand at making your own blend:

Get the distillate right

Don’t just get any white or unaged whiskey you find, pour it into a barrel and call it a day. That’s not going to give you the best results. Instead, get a distillate that’s about 120 proof into that barrel. That gives you a good place to start.

Choose a barrel

Next up, choose a barrel for your experiment. BDC Wire says distillers often use big gallon barrels that come with one particular distinction: they have to be burned on the inside. So you might want to look for a barrel with the inside charred to the level that works for you.

Go for a kit

Not all of us has the time, patience or space for a barrel. With a good whiskey making kit, though, you can try your hand at making whiskey and experience the joy of instant gratification for as little as 72 hours.

Follow the instructions

Before you start on that kit, make sure you read through the instructions right down to the last one. Once you start the process, don’t skip any of the steps. That way, you can expect better results when it’s finally time to take your whiskeys for a sip test.

Prepare your kitchen

Make sure you clear a space in your kitchen for this. You’re going to need to set it aside for a few days so keep it out of reach of your pets or kids. Try out more than one kit at a time. That way, you’ll have the pleasure to compare the results.

So start customizing your own bottle. Create one that suits your taste to perfection. Start by giving these whiskey making kit a try. Like us at Facebook

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