Tips for fire damage restoration and damage repair

In the event of a fire rarely are the owners of the property aware of the challenges they are about to face. In most cases the fire catches the owners totally off guard and such fires are not only deadly, they often create huge losses of property. It is very important that every homeowner and business owner become familiar with the effects of a fire long before one occurs. An in depth understanding of what is entailed in fire damage restoration in Philadelphia area will help the owners recover faster from the effects of a devastating fire.

Once the fire has been extinguished and the building declared safe to enter the first priority is to make a complete evaluation of the extent of the damage. Amid extensive damage it is quite easy to overlook many items in the home or business. Although damage to the structure will be most evident it is important that such things as food, dishes and utensils, clothing, furniture, etc also be inspected. This must be done before these and other types of items are integrated back into service.

Professionals that are involved in fire damage restoration in Philadelphia often find that the homeowners fail to assess the amount of damage to food, eating utensils and dishes. Food which is consumed off dishes that are contaminated can often be the cause of serious illness and must be avoided. In the eyes of the restoration specialist, if these items cannot be recovered they must be disposed of.

While flames and intense heat cause the bulk of the visible damage; smoke and soot are often hazards that are overlooked. Unlike certain smoke, soot is always visible. Soot is a fine coating of black material which is the result of combustion. Soot particles are found everywhere after a fire, if they are inhaled they can be quite dangerous, especially to anyone with a breathing problem.

In the aftermath of a fire, water damage is often overlooked. Those that are involved in fire damage restoration are also expert at water damage restoration. In many cases water damage can have longer lasting effects than the fire as water is the medium that is needed for harmful mold to take hold.

Once the fire has been extinguished, the building must be dried completely, large fans and dehumidifiers are often needed otherwise saturated surfaces will soon show the effects of mold which can become visible in as little as 24 hours.

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