Keeping Your Home Toasty Warm with Heat Pump Repair in Palm Harbor

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Air Conditioning/Heating

In regions that experience frigid winters a furnace, or other stand-alone appliance, is typically used to heat a home. In regions that don’t experience temperatures below freezing heat pumps are more common. Although a furnace heats a home more effectively, it often requires a fuel source such as propane.

Heat pumps are generally seen in home with central air conditioner units. The reason for this is that heat pumps are similar to air conditioners. They use the same principle as an air conditioner, but they work in the opposite way. Rather than using thermal transfer to cool a house they use it to heat. A central air conditioner unit can include a heat pump without taking up much more space, making them perfect for homes in warmer regions.

Although warmer regions don’t experience freezing cold winters, there still is a need for a heating appliance. Most people living in a warm region have adjusted to warmer temperatures, making even a mild winter seem uncomfortable. Homeowners want to stay warm when temperatures start to fall, and that means having a reliable heat pump for their home.

Just like cooling appliances, it’s important that a heat pump is checked regularly. Calling an HVAC service such as Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc can help homeowners assure that they will stay toasty warm all winter. Even in the months that a heat pump goes unused it could become damaged by the elements. Rain and humidity could cause corrosion, and falling tree limbs could damage electronic components.

Calling an HVAC service for Heat Pump Repair in Palm Harbor is important if the central air unit has been damaged during a storm. Water damage doesn’t usually affect central air units, but it’s important to have it checked to be safe. If the unit has been damaged by falling tree limbs or other debris it should be checked right away.

Humidity and moisture could be causing damage over time. Rust and other corrosion could be slowly damaging the unit over a long period of time. Having a semiannual service check will help prevent corrosion from becoming an issue. As long as the unit is checked on a regular basis there’s no need to worry.

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