An Overview of Steel Plate Punching

Steel plates are often used in different types of construction which may require that they be modified before being integrated into a product or structure. One of the most common modifications on the plates is usually the punching of holes through which screws are inserted so that they can be fastened onto another surface. The machine used for plate punching New York is known as a punch press which connects steel punch and a die when forced together, resulting in the formation of holes and slots. The holes can be multiple or single depending on the purpose of the steel plate.

Plate punching New York is the most common way of creating holes in different types of metal with the most common being steel. The holes can be of different sizes depending on the intended use of the plate. Even so, punching holes in metals has a number of benefits that make the service popular when undertaking large or small projects. Some of these benefits include:

Low cost – Plate punching is the most affordable option available when you need to create holes in a large number of metal sheets. The punching tool can form holes through a number of metal sheets if they are not too thick, which reduces the workload much faster without having to spend too much. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase steel plates that have already been punched, which are still sold at a cheaper cost.

Different shaped holes – The process of plate punching does not have to result in the ordinary round holes that are often associated with this type of modification. It is possible for the holes to take different shapes by using a punch as well as die that has different shapes. Fortunately, the shape of the holes does not affect the ability of the plate to be used in different types of construction and steel structural projects.

User friendly tools – Punching holes through sheets of steel only requires training to help you handle the punch tool as required. Most times, it is mechanically operated but with the advancement of technology, the work can be done using an automated machine similar to plate rolling, a service often offered by a number of plate suppliers.

Overall, the need for plate punching is always on the rise with more companies incorporating steel plates in their products or projects. To meet the need ELITE STEEL SUPPLY NY has made it easier to access punched steel plates by supplying them to individuals and companies that need them. If interested in a reputable and high quality steel plate supplier for plain as well as punched steel plates, contact their office today to see what they have on offer.

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