A Commercial Roofing Contractor in New Britain CT: When Next You Should Replace Your Roof

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Roofing

The condition of the roof is the first thing you should mind about when moving into a new house. In fact, you should know how long the roof has been in the house that you are moving into. This helps you to know when next you should replace the roof, as roofs become less effective and protective with age. You can call in a commercial roofing contractor in New Britain CT to check and assess the condition of the roof before you occupy the house.

Checking the condition of the roof helps you to plan for any major replacement task that you may need to do in the future. Most homeowners who do not hire professional roofers to check on the condition of the roofs before they occupy their new houses incur higher and un-planned-for costs to replace the damaged roofs. The roofing contractor can use the following factors to assess the lifespan of your roof:

1. The angle or pitch of your roof: Although the pitches and angles of different roofs differ in designs and appearance, how they look will indicate the period for which the roof will last. The contractors may see no need to replace your roof soon depending on the condition of the roof’s pitches and angles.
2. Ventilation options: Although the roof of your new house may look new, the condition of its ventilation may prove otherwise. If the roof experts did not plan for the ventilation of your roof properly during installation, you would expect to replace it in the next few years.
3. The color of the roof: This has everything to do with the effects that the darker and lighter colors have on your roof. The roofing materials with darker colors attract more sun that eventually speeds up the aging process of your roof.
4. Materials used on your roof: According to the Commercial Roofing Contractor in New Britain CT, homes that are in the deserts and those in snowy places have different types of roofing materials. The roofs of the houses in the snow-dense places will have a shorter lifespan due to the adverse effects that the snow has on the roofs.

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