6 Reasons to Try an Android Bible App

Even if you have a hard copy of the Bible, it can be interesting to supplement it with a Bible app. Available in an android Bible app and an Iphone Bible app, a desktop Bible can provide several benefits that you can’t get from a traditional copy.

1. Evangelism Opportunities

When you use a Bible app in public, it can catch people’s attention and facilitate spiritual conversations. It also enables you to have the scriptures on hand when you get an unexpected opportunity to witness. You can even save key verses that you share when people have questions about salvation.

2. Memorization Help

With a Bible app on your phone, you can look over the verse or passage you are trying to memorize every time you get an email, text or phone call. Some apps even allow you to put a section of scripture on audio repeat to help you learn it more quickly.

3. Digital Extras

There are things that an android Bible app offers that you can’t get with a hard copy. Some of the key features that can enhance your understanding of the scriptures include:

*    Video clips
*    Virtual maps
*    Audio Bible download

There are numerous additional options that can take your Bible reading to the next level.

4. Encourages Community

Instead of having to type out each verse or passage every time you want to share it with someone, the best Bible app can allow you to send it to whomever you want through email, a text and even over social media. This can be particularly important when someone you know is going through a tough time and you want to encourage them with multiple scriptures from the KJV Bible.

5. Organizational Assistance

In order to help you keep track of your favorite verses, verses that you’re trying to memorize or the verses you’re going over in your Bible study, a Bible app can allow you to create multiple playlists. That way you have convenient and orderly files that you don’t have to worry about getting mixed up.

6. Saves Time

Rather than spend time searching for the more obscure books of the Bible, you can use the search tools to quickly and easily locate the book or verse of your choice. You can also use android Bible app tools to do a word search if you can’t remember the reference of the verse you’re thinking of.

In today’s society, it may be more important than ever to have the Bible at your fingertips. Taking advantage of a Bible app can help you grow in the Word of God and share it with others.

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